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May 05, 2011


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Roger Barker

Once again, you've done a wonderful job of capturing Ohio's charm! Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Now, I'm suddenly hungry. Luckily there's no shortage of great places to eat here in Ohio!

Dominique King

Thanks for the suggestion to eat at Kewpee, Roger :)


This is awesome, thanks for posting!

Nancy Hawk

I am 68yrs old and yes my Grandpappy did eat at the Lima, Ohio Kewpee many many times.

We live in another state, but when we get to Lima we always eat at the Kewpee before heading back home.

It is a given. Thanks for the article.

Dominique King

Nancy-we loved Kewpee and now we have several Halo Burgers open near us in metro Detroit! I've heard from other folks who have some great memories of both of these places over the years. Thanks for stopping by :)

David Heil

I don't know if it still exists but there was a Wilsons in Findlay Ohio just 45 minutes north of lima that sold almost exact same menu as kewpee.

Dominique King

Hi David, Thanks for stopping by! I haven't heard about Wilson's in Findlay before, but from what I can find with a quick Web search, there does seem to be a Kewpee/Wendys , and therefore Halo, connection. As of late last year, they were still getting reviews on Yelp, so they were still open at that point. I'll have to check it out next time I'm down that way. Thanks for the tip!

patricia Keegan

My grandpappy ate there!

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by Patricia! Suddenly, I'm hungry for a Kewpee Burger this morning :)


I just left the Kewpee. The other night there were 25 cars in line at Kewpee West. On our 60 th high school reunion last summer we ordered in Kewpees and Kewpee malts for Friday night and everyone loved them. I am 78 and have been eating Kewpees since about 1939.

Dominique King

Thanks for sharing your memories, Marilyn! I love the idea of doing burgers and malts at your informal reunion evening on Friday. Kewpee Burgers certainly seems to have agreed with you all of these years :)


Oh wow! As a kid in Kalamazoo, MI waaaaaaay back in the 50s we had a Kewpees downtown. I had no idea why it's no longer there but your article gave me clues. I have a memory of a great burger AND a Wendy's type of "frosty" I have been telling people for years I always felt I had a frosty before I ever heard of Wendy's! :) I guess it was a Kewpee's malt, eh??? I see there's a Kewpees in Lansing.........road trip??? Jan

Dominique King

I found the Michigan connection to the Ohio Kewpee Burger pretty intriguing. Glad to help you prove your point about the "Frosty" :)

Joe Landwehr

In the case of my grandson, who also loves Kewpees, his great-great-grandpappy ate there.

Bart mills

Glad you could stop by . We in lima are proud of our Kewpee tradition. That said, I'm a little sad to see you didn't save room for a slice of sugar cream pie- team it up with a Kewpee Regular (mustard, pickle and onion) and a cup of Yuban coffee and you've got the full experience.

Mary Prine

Wilson's in Findlay, Ohio was a part of the Kewpee chain, from what I was told. It was in one of the books on Findlay, that my Daddy read. They are exactly the same, and same slogan and all.

cory rose

My favorite burger is from Michigan is what I got out of that. No more Kewpee's


Kewpee has fallen in quality, service, and most important stores are dirty. Harry needs to pay more attention to these details. I have enjoyed Kewpee hamburgers for over 55 years. Last year or so bad

Dominique King

I haven't heard bad reports about Kewpee and hope your experience was an anomaly, Dave. We lost the nearby Halo lately, so I haven't had a chance to check that out lately, either. Now I'm hungry for an olive burger...

Craig Moore

Wilson's in Findlay is still open.

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