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February 03, 2009


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Thanks for this post! I'll definitely need to add this to my "Must Do Before I Return to Boston in August" list. I had no idea that I.M. Pei's work was part of the museum.


Several years ago, on our first visit, the museum was honoring John Lennon. One of the exhibits was the NYPD-issued, brown paper bag containing the personal effects of Lennon from the night he was murdered. With the exhibit was an evocative quote from Yoko Ono about whats' left behind in death. All a bit macabre. Thanks for this blog entry.


Cleveland is definitely a doable weekend destination from our area.
I love unusual architecture, so Pei's design fascinated me as well. The abundance of glass does give the museum a very open and spacious feeling.

I definitely remember that Lennon exhibit (went out to see it twice). The bag of Lennon's effects and the shattered eyeglasses he was wearing when he was shot gave me a chill, too.
Do you remember the "wish" tree Yoko had put in the lobby for that exhibit? She invited visitors to write their wish on a tag and hang it on the tree...or the "peace phone", which Yoko had placed there with instructions for whoever was closest to it if it rang to pick it up because Yoko would be on the other end of the line?

Fly Girl

I've been wanting to visit the Rock N' Roll Museum and this post really gave me more reasons! Cleveland is not very far from Chicago at all but I've just never been inspired to go. This info makes me reconsider, thanks!


Fly Girl-Thanks for stopping by!
We're fortunate because Cleveland is usually less than three hours from the Detroit area (major construction along I-75 in the southern Detroit metro area has increased our travel time that way by about a half hour, though). We can easily manage it in a short weekend.
You should definitely make the trip. We like to go when there's a special exhibit we'd like to see and usually time our trips that way.

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