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October 28, 2008


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Rachel Burton

What a cool old manor. I was just commenting on someone's blog yesterday that I've never experienced a haunting but would love to have one of those stories to tell! Maybe I should check this place out!

jared alexander

going to be staying there in june the wedding should be even more fun having read this

Dominique King

Jared-Have fun at the wedding. Be sure to prowl around the older part of the lodge if you're looking for the ghosts :)


i went to the punderson manor with my boyfriend just to look around. i felt an odd presence and aimlessly ran around from place to place as though something were making me go there. the library felt really haunted i bet there is something hidden there.

Dominique King

Becky-Thanks for stopping by! I've been in that library many times, but never felt and otherworldly presences. The one conference attendee I mention in the story that felt an unseen visitor in her room (sitting on her bed, no less) stayed quite close to the library in the old wing, though.


Its funny you mention the library .. about 13 years ago our family used to go up to Punderson for brunch quite often. One time bothy my sisters were exploring and went into the library. When they walked in, they saw a little boy reading in one of the chairs. They thought nothing of it until they walked out of the room and went down the hall into another room. To their surprise that exact same kid was sitting in a chair just staring at them this time.

To this day they talk about that time and how weird it was. Sadly i decided the game room was more entertaining and missed my chance :(

Dominique King

Dan-I have heard a lot of stories about sightings of kids that seem a little spooky or strange, and your sisters' story seems to fit right in!
I've always wondered why I haven't spotted or felt any spooky things, but maybe I'm just as happy I haven't.


I stayed at Punderson Manor after moving to Ohio from Tennessee a couple of months ago. Of course I heard everyone's typical ghosts sightings from a couple of workers there, but I suppose I never took into consideration how real these stories could actually be until my experience there. I stayed in room 238 called the Victorian room. Which was the original room 8. First, I am one who is not a morning person nor do I ever wake up randomly in the middle of the night. After my long day of walking around the manor I decided to call it a night. Therefore, I got into bed and quickly fell asleep. Around 4:05am the feeling of pressure on my chest started to wake me up. I was in the thought of it having to be my boyfriend wrapping his hands around me. Which every night I sleep with the covers over my head and a little bit of my feet left out from the blankets. As I began to try and push his arms off me, I quickly came to the realization of how heavy this pressure exactly was. So I uncovered my face a little and due to the two lights from across the lake there was a little light gleaming into our room. I saw a dark movement across the bed but was just assuming it was my boyfriend turning over and that it had been him laying on me. So as I turned my head to look over at him I happened to notice he was completely across the bed facing the opposite direction and as I looked next to him I realized there was absolutely no movement on the bed. I quickly came to the realization where I was at and all the stories I had heard that evening. I started hitting him in the back to wake him up and turn on the light. As he woke up to turn on the light to the left side of him and of our bed I heard a girls voice. Although the voice was so clear I could not make out what she was saying. I asked if he just heard that??? He asked was it a little girls voice? I said yes!! Right at that moment he started screaming in pain he couldn't even described the pain or speak to me at the moment. Later he explained it as if something was pressing on everything inside of him. The pain lasted approximately 1-2 minutes. After the pain went away the room turned extremely extremely cold. It was still summer at the time and I had sweats as well as a sweater on. Me and him both were experiencing this exact change in temperature. I felt as if whatever it was, was angry at me for waking my bf up. I quickly rushed downstairs where I sat in the chair by the stairs until 8 that morning. All I know is I have never experienced anything like I did there before and because of my experience with Punderson Manor I am a firm believer that place has more than it's guests staying there!

Dominique King

Lesha-Wow, that's some story! I guess the good thing may be that you didn't experience that alone. One story I heard recently came from a tour group leader who got a panicked call in the middle of the night once from a woman in her tour group after the tour group member had a ghostly experience in their own room. The leader ended up having to take the woman into her own room for the rest of the night because the poor lady was so spooked! I'm not so sure I'd want to stay in the old wing myself =%0

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