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January 14, 2016


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dave cee

good job dude. have the same story. took some classes and learned the right way to do things. feel like I am getting there. scooter is going into it's 4th season, have modified the rear and added lights and bigger tires. try to gear up every time, and I wear my invisible armor (constant vigilance). we ride because it makes me feel free....

kim moon

Nice article! I also bought my first bike this fall after being off a motorcycle for 30 years. I too bought the bike and spent several weeks puttering around my subdivision and local streets before trying out the actual road with cars! trying to redevelop my very rusty skills. Especially since this bike has twice the power of any motorcycle i rode in the past (1200cc).

After getting my endorsement, i sought out advice from a 50 year veteran rider that helped me pass my road test.

I too bought motorcycle specific boots and a high end Shoei helmet. I now own 3 pairs of motorcycle gloves, 2 high vis jackets with armor, one for fall and winter and the other for spring and summer. Plus armored pants for serious long term riding. I just now bought a motorcycle leather jacket as well.

I ride with people that dont wear helmets and just vest and jeans, and thats fine for them, but i got back to riding to enjoy the feeling of being on the open road, (BMW touring bike and seeing the sites, the way only a motorcycle can provide.

Safety first is the way i ride!

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