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March 19, 2015


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Gretchen Garrison

This is impressive that they have maintained such a large area as green space. Wishing I could drive to Ohio today to explore. If only I was not so far away ... :-)

Wandering Educators

what a gorgeous place!

Dominique King

The fact that they maintained such a large area as a green space is enough to make it impressive, Gretchen, but the amount of diversity among the plant and animal life there is doubly so!

Thanks for stopping by Gretchen and Jessie. I hope you'll both be able to make it to some of these parks I've been featuring lately. We're pretty lucky to be close enough to many of them to make it a nice day trip.


Very informative. We have family who just moved to Toledo for work. It's on our list, but we're really not city people. Great to know that there are places like this to get lost in.

Dominique King

Tara-Toledo has a really nice Metroparks System. I've done stories on Secor (which has the National Center for Nature Photography in it) and Pearson (which is just off of Route 2 heading east out of Toledo). There are also a couple along Route 24/424 that include Providence Metropark, which has a lot of canal history and includes the opportunity to ride a working canal boat--I'm hoping to get back down there and ride it soon as it wasn't running during when we were last down there because of rain. The parks are all worth checking out :)

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