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November 11, 2014


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Jessie Voigts

I love how you share such interesting local history! THis bridge is beautiful!


Good Lord woman, I think you know more about the Midwest than anyone! I love the word whipple, for what its worth. :-)

Dominique King

Julie-Can I quote you? :lol: I love the word "Whipple" too...and just had to figure out a way to include it in the story.

Jessie-The local history stuff fascinates me...and I just knew there was a decent story behind this bridge the moment I saw it!

Gretchen Garrison

I also love seeing various bridges. This one certainly is a beauty! You definitely do an excellent job of gathering details. Of course there would be various bridge constructions - I have never studied that before.

Dominique King

I'm a real bridge fan and will often go out of my way to see a bridge or try planning part of a trip around bridges that I know are in a certain area (we once planned a trip to Ashtabula, Ohio with the sole purpose of seeing that county's (then) 17 covered bridges...and made sure we swung back around there the next year when the county built it's 18th covered bridge! That was good for about 5 articles here :lol: We also made a special trip to Cleveland to find some historic iron bridges and do a couple of articles about those. I added "bridges" to the subject index here because I found I did so many stories about them :) I was thrilled when we found this one in Fort Wayne!

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