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August 21, 2014


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How wonderful! I'd get that mac & chz, too.

Dominique King

It was definitely yummy, Jessie! Tough decision between the mac'n'cheese here and the mac'n'cheese hotdogs at the Lansing Lug Nuts game as to a favorite :)

Gretchen Garrison

Always love watching baseball. Learning how teams pick their names is always fun. Our team is the Salt Dogs which has to do with our salt creek. Not sure where the dog part came from as our salt creek is known for beetles.

Dominique King

I do like finding out how teams get their names, too. Thank goodness they didn't name these guys the Wet Sox! :lol:

Tonya {The Traveling Praters}

I certainly wouldn't expect to find Lobster Mac & Cheese at a ball game. Sure beats the traditional hot dog.


One of our football's first team, now the Nebraska Cornhuskers, names was the Bugeaters. The names that are chosen or suggested are amazing some times. That lobster mac and cheese looked amazing. What a choice for baseball food.

Dominique King

I love finding unusual ball park fare, Tonya. I definitely could NOT pass up Lobster mac'n'cheese!

Dominique King

Bugeaters! I think Cornhuskers is the better choice :) I liked finding out some of the name rejects for the Whitecaps were as well.

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