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July 29, 2014


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Tonya {The Traveling Praters}

I've been on Gibraltar Island for a tour to learn about the research there. It was amazing. Such a great time.

Dominique King

It looks like I'm going there again later this month! I loved the tour, I only wish I'd been able to see the inside of Cooke's Castle.


WOW! What an entirely cool place. Interesting about the snakes. And glacial grooves are just awesome.

Dominique King

I understand the glacial grooves are even more evident on nearby Kelley's Island. I'm hoping to get over there one of the next times I'm down in the islands region, and it looks like I'm getting back to Stone Lab pretty soon again!


This seems like such an amazing place to visit. The fact that ownership of an island could pass around was quite intriguing to me. A well-written piece involving both history AND present day! Thanks for sharing!

Dominique King

It was pretty cool, Gretchen. I was particularly interested in learning about their work with solar energy and to learn about the Lake Erie Water Snakes. I'd seen signs around the area (Put-in-Bay) warning about fines for harming the snakes, so it was interesting to learn why they were protected like that. I'm excited that they've asked me back!

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