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January 28, 2014


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What a fantastic list of places to read - and, of course, all about the HF - thank you!

Dominique King

This first blog hop worked out nicely, although it took some doing for all of us to work out the mechanics of it the first time around! I loved the variety of the posts and can't wait to see what future themes we decide to do.

Tonya {The Traveling Praters}

I've never been to Greenfield Village though it's a fairly short drive for me. I would love to see the Wienermobile though and it looks like there are many exhibits that I would find fascinating- like the circular house. Very interesting. How long would you suggest to spend at the museum for a first time visitor?


The Henry Ford is one of my favorites--but of course you need to go the Greenfield Village outside, too.

Dominique King

It's difficult to see everything at the museum in just an hour or two...it is massive! Best bet is to plan for at least a couple of hours and concentrate on what interests you most. Seeing the Driving America exhibit could easily take that long alone.
Seeing The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village in just one day is impossible. Best bet there is to plan to do one or the other...or to get a multi-day pass and spend at least one full day in the village.
We're lucky because we live nearby and have memberships. That makes it easy to just pop in to see a new exhibit or just for lunch...staying as little or as long as we wish.

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