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April 25, 2013


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Dawn Toby

The young girl, who I knew personally did not diie at this bridge. She passed away at the park in Danville slipping off of a bridge abutement which has absolutely no ties to this bridge you are speaking of. Laura needa to be remembered as a sweet and awesome girl who I still think about frequently, not some part of this towns "ghost story"


I've lived in Danville my whole life. Some of your stories I have never heard. Also I know it's to late, but I went to school with the girl who fell in 2004. It was not this bridge she fell from. Also I have heard talk of family and friends offended because this piece was in your article. Especially being as the facts were not correct. If you would at least write an apology and add it to the comments it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the story and great pictures.

M Fox

Its definitely the Danville Bridge. I heard that story all the time (I grew up walking distance from it, back when the soccer fields were just a mile down the road past the bridge, they've moved them since). I don't know why you couldn't find the pedestrian bridge, its just right below it to the south a little bit, maybe they've removed it or the growth grew over it too much, I don't know. All I know is, a friend chose the horror story of the woman and her baby for a school project one year and I heard it a lot as she practiced her presentation. You have it pretty much down.

troy richards

The girl that fell in 2004 fell from the concrete wall that use to be a bridge in the park in danville. Not the bridge near the firestation. The metal truss bridge you speak of is literally right next to the bridge you are taking pictures of. The one at the park is likely this bridges twin. It is only a wall and all else has been removed. Both are creepy at night though. The girl who fell in 2004 was a friend of mine.
Danville Native


My grandma (who still has a sound mind) is 104 years old. She has lived in Danville most of her life. She could tell the true stories and all about the bridges. As for the girl's death in 2004, that was in Ellis Park (Danville). It was on concrete, but it wasn't twin bridges.

Danville Resident

The girl who died in 2004 did not die on the bridge by Kroger (the one in your article). She died when she fell from the ruins of a rail road bridge in the town park.

Dominique King

Thanks for all of the comments and additional information!
I appreciate people who understood that the real point of this article was that the "truth" of many of these stories was pretty difficult to figure out...even when it came to the more recent death in 2004 that I mentioned here because of the number of conflicting accounts I found online (yes, some placed that death at the bridge, others placed it in the park nearby).
I'm always fascinated by old bridges, so this structure really appealed to me because of its vintage look, and I was curious about its supposed haunted history. It's still pretty much a mystery to me.

Danville Resident

As a lifetime resident of Danville, I can tell you that the our bridge is called the Twin Bridge as it is virtually identical to the one located in Avon. Avon's bridge has always been known as the Haunted bridge, with stories of construction workers of various version supposedly falling in wet concrete. Both bridges used to be open for access and you could climb the hill and go through the bridges from one side to the other, the columns have openings and are dark and damp. But there has never been any proof or verification that anyone died at either of these bridges during their construction. Just old tales to keep interest


The Four Arches bridge west of Greencastle Indiana appears to be an identical bridge to the bridge in this article. It does have open rooms in the columns that you can enter. An experience described as creepy by most people !

Jason r Leisch

You don't even mention the two actual recorded deaths that occurred in the 80s & the 90s

Jason r Leisch

Brent Donaldson committed suicide in the late 80s, & Kenny Hutchinson fell or jumped to his death. After walking away from old folks home in the 90s. The original bridge is still there. If you look to the northwest of the bridge there now, & it is old stone not metal

Ralph Pitman

The bridge you where at is the "Haunted Bridge" in Avon not Danville. This is where the 2 accidents happened except the one in 2004. There is a book about strange things and hunted places in Indiana that has this story in it with more facts. The original bridge is just to the north and west inside the park. I believe the other metal bridge was relocated to 100 South to be used and was demoed about 30 years ago because it was structurally unsound.


Interesting! My mind is boggled how I grew up in Avon, Indiana and had no idea that there was a twin bridge in Danville. I once climbed to the top of the Avon bridge in high school, but never went in the columns - those were pretty well sealed off from what I remember. Growing up, I heard that the construction worker and baby deaths took place at the bridge in Avon.

Dave Hutchens

It was Kenny Hutchens that died their in the early 90's. My uncle. First report was foul play was involved. But later believed that he slipped fell or had a medical issue. No one will ever know for sure.

Shonda laverty

Everyone needs to keep in mind that Avon hasn't always been Avon it was Danville and Indianapolis.

Charle Rupp

I visited the bridge in the 60's looking
for a late night thrill. Always on a full
moon or brightly lite night. When conditions
are just right (probably the angle of the Moon)
the bridge will glow with an iridescent bluish
green color. This may have been because the concrete contained some fluorescent minerals
that responded to the moon light. I hope it
still does that!

Dominique King

Charlie-It would be fun to find out! Hoping I'll get back down that way one of these days :)

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