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November 13, 2012


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My mother lived in that house while she was in third or fourth grade. This would have been in the early 1950's. She said there was a huge tree at the bottom of the steps by their back door, and the plaque was beneath it. My grandparents rented that house, soon moving to a home they bought nearby.

Dominique King

Thanks for sharing your story, Kimberley! It looks like the house is still occupied today, too. It was funny to find the memorial right there in the middle of a neighborhood. You certainly wouldn't see it if you didn't know where to look for it, would you?

James Alter

The grave site was actually a Miami burial site with at least 25 burials exhumed. The laborers and curious carted off the remains and objects. As I understand it all items of value buried with the great chief were pilfered, his earthly remains were scattered, and only his skull was returned to the grave. (cite: The Grave of Little Turtle; J.M. Stouder Sept 1912)
Today the city of Fort Wayne is engaging in a riverfront development project. So who knows how many more graves and historical sites will be despoiled. The people in power in Ft Wayne Allen County are intoxicated by the lure of new money and could care less about their history. (I was born in and lived for 26 yrs in FW 67y.o. now)

James Alter

Post Script to my earlier comment.
Little Turtles' birth village was located not far out of Fort Wayne off of SR205. His son was among those who still lived there at the time of Little Turtles death. Within a month Wm Henry Harrison & his troops visited them with a barrel of whiskey. After they were intoxicated Harrison & crew wiped out the inhabitants and burned the village. There is a small plaque commemorating the site. Today it is a trailer park with a pig farm adjacent to it.

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by, James! We'll definitely have to check things out further next time we get down towards Fort Wayne (we're in metro Detroit). The history is always fascinating to me...more especially so as Indiana is celebrating it's 200th anniversary of statehood. Pig farm? I'll have to look for that site!

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