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May 17, 2012


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Roger Barker

I knew this was going to be a great post, and it certainly lived up to my expectations! How can you go wrong when the first two selections reflect such amazing diversity: Doris Day and Marilyn Manson?

Of course, we all know Cleveland rocks. But all of Ohio is filled with great sounds all year long. Be sure to check out www.DiscoverOhio.com for great music venues, festivals and events taking place throughout the state.


Nicole at Arrows Sent Forth

Well, of course I'd vote for an Indiana list! Anything Mellancamp, naturally. Small Town and Pink Houses always seem particularly inspired by his life growing up in Seymour, Indiana. I also love "Back to Indiana" by the Elms. I have no idea the history of the song or if they have any ties to the state, but it's one of my favorites to run to. And Michael Jackson, too!

Dominique King

Roger-Glad you liked this one :)
I should have at least enough to do one more Ohio music mix list at some later date.

Nicole-Thanks for the Indiana suggestions! How could I forget that Michael Jackson was from Gary? I had I've got Mellancamp on my list already...and I'll be sure to check out The Elms.

Jools Stone

Cannonball- such an indie disco classic! Had no idea they were from the Mid West. Black Keys rock too, big time. Not so sure about Ms Manson & Day though, but each to their own! :)
I'd also add Chris Bathgate from Ann Arbor (oh, but is that Michigan though?), a sadly underrated folky rocker, somwhere between Ray LaMontagne, and Bonnie Prince Billy. Kings of swoony, string drenched country-soul, Lambchop, (from Nashville) released an album called (Oh) Ohio recently. I've not listened to it much yet.
Great stuff all round, there should be more msuic n travel overlap blog posts out there!

Dominique King

Jools-I always liked Cannonball! It was one of the first ones I thought of when putting together this particular list.
Added Bathgate and Lambchop to my lists as possibilities for future Midwest music mix lists (yes, there will definitely be more!). Minnesota and Indiana look like the most likely lists I'll do next--probably in a month or so. And there will be at least one more Michigan list, and one more Ohio list sometime later :)

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