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March 29, 2012


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Heidi Bey

I am wring to Thank Phil for the wonderful presentation at the Highland Adult Activity Center's Veterans Event on Friday December 7, 2012. Also, for receiving the Proclamation from Oakland County for the Center. The Honor is mine to have shared the day with a group of remarkable men and women.

Heidi Bey
HAAC Director

Dominique King

Hello Heidi-

Thanks for stopping by...but I don't have any way of connecting directly to Phil to deliver your kind message. You can try connecting with him via LinkedIn or maybe via the Milford AMVETS http://www.milfordlegion216.org/1/legion/index.asp

Phil Weitlauf

Thanks Heidi,

It was my pleasure to present the presentation "Tribute to War Dogs".
As to the Michigan War Dog Memorial on Milford Rd and 11 Mile we still have a lot of work to do. If anybody can help us fund it, it would be appreciated. Send donation to: AmVet-Post 2006, PO Box 48, Highland, Mi 48357. Tag check "War Dog Memorial Fund"

Thank You
Phil Weitlauf

Johannes B. Brenner

I was overwhelmed. Went to South Lyon High School Drama's last day for "Anything Goes"
5/5/2013, took different route home back tracked and discovered the Pet Cemetery?? What? a beautiful dedication to the pets of WWI and WWII, I was and am overwhelmed. I don't have dogs I have cats but they are a tribute (all animals and their owners) to those lucky enough to have their own therapists living amongst them. God Bless MILVETS and South Lyon and the Pet Cemetery

Johannes B. Brenner

What a significant attribute to "Dogs" serving on the front line WWI and WWII as well as other pets buried there, Amazing that the human race still holds true virtue's of "Man's Best Friend" or "Woman's Best Friend too". Finally I found "proof" that there are people who really do care and commemorate the animals we all have loved and cherish.I am so glad that I went to see a musical at SLHS 5/5/2013 otherwise I would have never stumbled across this War Memorial for Dogs. GBA and her Dogs!!!!!

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by, Johannes!
Funny how you and I discovered this place in almost exactly the same way (taking a different route home from elsewhere).
I agree that it's a lovely story and tribute well-deserved by these pets and their loyalty.

christine benson

Thank you, for your article. I drove past the Happy Hunting Grounds Cemetery on my way to an appointment. Upon seeing the German Shepard on top to the Monument noted "War Dog" I was drawn to turn around, stop and walk into the cemetery. I have read the
book Rin Tin Tin, learning the history of the German Shepard and history of dogs in wars. With this, and my love for dogs, I was very moved by the honor bestowed (deservingly )for these wonderful steadfast heroes and companions.
My question: Is the cemetery going through restoration? I was concerned to find thirty or more headstones which were originally placed in front of the War Dog monument, stacked in the back of the cemetery. Can you offer me information on this concern?

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by. The cemetery now has a Web site dedicated to it, and according to that site, the restoration started in 2010 continues at the present time. Lots of great information and photos about the memorial, history of military working dogs, and the ongoing restoration here http://www.mwdm.org/

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