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November 29, 2011


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Suzy Oreilly

In 1976 I worked for Dr Wesley Pressman at his office in Shaker Heights I knew the Pressman family . I knew his wife Gloria ..it was my understanding that Gloria's father worked at the movie studio in California and gotten his daughter the role in Our Gang . She supposedly had a scape book that was full of clippings from this time in her childhood . She has a son who followed in his fathers footprints and became a Podatrist and practiced in Clevelad .He might be the contact you need to validate the information ..Dr Bradley Pressman

Dominique King

It appears that Dr. Wesley Pressman died in 1996 and is buried in Cleveland's Lake View Cemetery.
I found an article about Dr. Bradley Pressman was a story from Crain's Cleveland Business magazine from 2007 saying that Pressman (who was a retired podiatrist and working as a developer by that time) was part of an effort to get approval to open a casino southeast of Dayton. The Web site the article mentioned Pressman and his business partner is no longer active. Dr. Bradley Pressman's name comes up again in 2012 in an article from the Columbus Business First publication-saying that he and his business partner were seeking approval for a Youngstown casino.
This sounds like it could be your Dr. Pressman, but I've reached a dead end in terms of trying to confirm the story again :(

Linda Preston

I knew Gloria and Wes for 30 years and saw her autograph book. It was almost full and had signatures of Gary Cooper, who she was in the movie "The Virginian" with, Jackie Cooper, who she was in Our Gang with and many other stars. Even as an adult, you could see that she and little Mary Jackson were one and the same. And her son Brad, as a child, looked like Gloria's character in Our Gang. It's a shame better records weren't kept to verify her career. She was a wonderful friend and an honorable woman. L.Preston

Dominique King

I wish there were records to prove or disprove your friend's career as well. It's very frustrating not be able to find supporting evidence for a story like this as I really wanted to include her in the original story I did, but just couldn't do so because I just couldn't verify it...and still haven't been able to do so after various tries to find the info since I wrote this story.

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