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August 11, 2011


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Nicole at Arrows Sent Forth

My cousin is an eagle scout and the town asked him to put doggie poop scoop stations in the local parks for his project. I think he would have much preferred painting the teapot!

Dominique King

I bet you're right! Painting the teapot looked like a great project, and from the photos I saw of the finished project, they did a great job.


I can't believe I've missed this for so long! Awesome!

Dominique King

Traci-I thought of you when I wrote it! :)

Joseph A. Comm

Thanks for the book link! Next time you are in Chester check out the Memory Lane room in the old high school building - now the city's municipal building. They have a display showing the very poor shape the Teapot was in prior to the 1990 renovation as well as photographs and memorabilia from Rock Springs Park.

Dominique King

Joseph-Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the tip about the Memory Lane room...that's just the sort of thing I like to stop and see when we're traveling.

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