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April 19, 2011


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Thanks for the history, Dominique. We were intrigued by the triple locks we found in Dresden, OH, but I didn't know the whole story. http://minnemom.com/2009/02/03/ohio-erie-canal-triple-locks-dresden-ohio/

Dominique King

Linda-I remember your Dresden locks story! We don't have much at all in the way of canal remnants here in Michigan (the only planned cross-state canal I know of here was barely started and pretty much never went anywhere). I was surprised when I first saw the numerous Ohio & Erie Canal sites in Ohio. Just wait 'til I start in with the Miami & Ohio Canal stories-the M&E was a north-south canal system in western Ohio, while the O&E was the north-south canal system in the eastern part of the state.


What a wonderful history lesson! I've been thinking about visiting Cuyahoga Valley NP since I try to support the National Parks as much as I can, and it's so close to home. A trip for this summer or fall may be in order :-)

Dominique King

Francesca-The park is definitely worth the trip! We've been there in the winter and spring, and I know there's even more to see and do in the summer and fall. Some of our favorite stops include this trail, the town of Penninsula, and Brandywine Falls...all great places to take photos!

Lake Erie Fishing Charters

Very interesting, I never know how important the Erie canal was to our area's growth over the last few centuries!

Dominique King

We don't see a lot about canal history up here in Michigan (the only one in the state that I know about was a tiny, tiny portion of one planned cross-state canal that never got beyond having about a dozen miles completed). So, it was especially interesting to me to learn about Ohio's canals and how they helped spur that state's growth...as well as that in Michigan and other states.

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