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April 26, 2011


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Roger Barker

Thanks for another awesome look at Ohio history! From the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to Lake View Cemetery down to the bridges crossing the Ohio River in the southern part of the state, Ohio is filled with some amazing historical sites. I look forward to seeing which part of Ohio you'll discover next!

Dominique King

You know me and bridges. I did, BTW, get out to Detroit's Belle Isle earlier this week to check on the King bridges there. So, you'll see something on those at one point :)


I am assuming you are related to thee King Family of Cleveland? My wife's grandfather was their head butler and chauffeur. He worked for all of the Kings as their chief of staff. One of the King family wrote his obituary for the Plain Dealer in 1951.

I have small tidbits of information but am always interested in more.. My wife and he sisters memories are about it for now but their dad who passed a few years ago was also a butler and knew much more...I think there may be some tangible records.

Note that I am on Facebook but am not allowed to request friends for 30 days due to their silly automated software.. I can be found at:

Thank you!
Bob Shannon Sr.
Sun Newspapers -retired
National Press Photographers Assc. -retired

Dominique King

Hi Bob,

Thanks for stopping by!
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not related to the Kings of Cleveland...I'm just a big bridge fan. Although sharing a last name with them certainly sparked my curiosity about the bridges.
I did do the follow-up story on the King bridges at Detroit's Belle Isle that I mentioned in the comments section. You can find that story at http://www.midwestguest.com/2011/08/historic-king-bridges-at-detroits-belle-isle.html
I'm hoping to get back over to Cleveland one of these days because I want to see, photograph and write about some King bridges there (we're in the Detroit area). I'd love to know more about the King family and their bridges!
I write a lot of stories about bridges because they often have such fascinating architecture and history associated with them.

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