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December 02, 2010


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Arrows Sent Forth

Thanks for the mention! And I love the Cincinnati post, we're thinking of a weekend trip there in the next few months. Very helpful!


Thanks for the mention. Now I'm off to read about MSP--I love finding new places to visit and new reasons to love home!

Dominique King

Thanks, Nicole & Linda!

I like good list or round-up posts, and I thought those Cincy & MSP posts were nice examples of those types of posts :)

Fly Girl

That bridge looks amazing! You always inspire me to check out more of the Midwest besides the familiar Wisconsin, Indiana and rural Michigan (I love St. Joseph's).

Dominique King

I love bridges, and I absolutely love the Roebling bridge! It was especially fascinating to learn of its link to the Brooklyn Bridge (it was sort of a prototype of the Brooklyn span-both designed by the same architect).
One of the reasons I do this blog is to keep me on the lookout for things to explore, so I'm glad you enjoy exploring here with me :)

Aaron Cruz

Thanks for the mention! Gotta spend some time around the Roebling Bridge. An amazing post. It's inspiring me to get back to Cincinnati soon!

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