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October 15, 2010


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Camels & Chocolate

That shadow photo is awesome! As are all the rest, but that's my favorite!


Very cool photos! Looks like a great competition.


love this - closeup, they are even more incredible than seeing them from a distance! my parents went to this a few weeks ago, and loved it. it is not so accessible for me, though, so i am GRATEFUL for a glimpse! thanks, d!

Dominique King

C&C-I loved the shadow photo, too :) I like experimenting with indirect images (shadows, reflections), and found quite a few pieces that lent themselves to that.

Anna-It was a pretty amazing competition--over 1,700 artists entered work, and it was spread over a fairly large area. I thought Grand Rapids did a nice job with it, and it was a joy to see a downtown area so filled with people and positive buzz.

Jessie-You can check out each of the pieces with the links I included with the pictures so you can see what the entire work looks like in each case. I went with the close-up theme just for the reason you mentioned. I really thought it showed some of the cool details--especially in the last two photos where the artists used duct tape and crayons respectively!

Arrows Sent Forth

I really want to get up to Grand Rapids for this one year. Looks amazing. Beautiful photos!


They're all very interesting, but I also have to vote for the shadow. The silhouettes walking along the street definitely caught my eye.

Dominique King

Nicole-ArtPrize is a pretty amazing event. You do need to be prepared to walk a bit, and resigned to the fact that you just can't see it all in a couple of days. Still well worth going, and folks in Grand Rapids seem pretty jazzed about it.

Gypsy-I liked the shadows photo better than any picture I took of the actual artwork! I liked the dynamic in the photo.

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