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August 26, 2010


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Barbara Swafford

What a neat lighthouse. I especially like the shot of the spiral staircase. That's awesome.

Dominique King


That spiral staircase shot is one I often try taking at lighthouses, and it's often a tough shot to get because of the lighting. Now that I think of it, I do shoot straight up with a lot of subjects (bridges, tall buildings, etc.) :)

Don Feinstein

This is a very important fixture in my life. As a child in the 1940s & 50s my father loved fishing at Pt. Aux Barques. We either camped near the old log cabins, or rented one if weather was bad. I hung out at the USCG Station in admiration of who they are and what they did. After high school enlisted in the CG thinking it would be nice to be stationed in Michigan. Hah. Soon discovered the joys of weather patrols in the North Atlantic during winter storms. I loved it all. Alway visit this site when I visit family in Michigan. Only fond memories.

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by, Don. It's fun to hear how this particular lighthouse inspired your work as a member of the CG.

Jayne DeLancey

Dominique, Hubby just asked me "Where was that campground with the lighthouse where we camped up in MI thumb?" I quickly did a 'search' & showed him these pics. Yep, that's the one! What a beautiful park! And I also love 'shooting' straight up the spiral staircases. We enjoyed our stay there for a few days while we traveled around chasing lighthouses! You have a BEAUTIFUL state! Loved every minute of our travels there!

Dominique King

Jayne-Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed your stay at the campground and seeing the lighthouse. We love the fact that Michigan has so many beautiful light stations and that we've had the opportunity to visit many of them. Hope you are able to return and visit again soon!

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