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August 13, 2010


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moby wrap

Wow....I'm marking this on my list in case I plant o visit Chicago. This looks amazing !

Camels & Chocolate

Stunning! I want to see the bean!! Is it permanent? Alas, I have not been to Chicago since 2003!!

Dominique King

Moby-It really is an amazing sculpture, no matter from which angle you view it.

Camels & Choc-The Bean is a permanent piece. I remember reading in one of the sources that the artist's contract said that the sculpture should last at least 1,000 years!


Hi, I went to the #blogchat tonight. I tried to follow as best I could, but ended up jotting down a few notes in a small notebook as I read the chat.

That sculpture looks great, and I am a big coffee fan. I've have to check it out next time I'm in Chicago.

Dominique King

Patti-Nice to meet you tonight in #blogchat. It was crazier than usual, so I'm glad they put a transcript up for it.
The sculpture is pretty amazing, especially up close. I could have stayed to take photos for hours and not end up with very many shots that were similar to each other.

Sarah V.

I love the bean! That last picture is particularly fun. Isn't Chicago just fantastic?!

Dominique King

Sarah-Yes, Chicago was pretty cool...and I'm so glad that I built a few extra days into the schedule so I could get out and do a few things. Going for a conference and leaving immediately afterward made no sense to me :)

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