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July 30, 2010


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VERY cool, dominique! we'll be up near frankfort next week (our cottage is near onekama) and lillie has shakespeare camp at the lakeside shakespeare theatre in frankfort. we'll have to swing by and see the lighthouse. thanks!


I've just been beginning to learn about lighthouses on the Great Lakes this year -- I'm more familiar with those along the Gulf and the Atlantic. Great insight on the restoration of Point Betsie, thanks.

Amy @ The Q Family

I have yet to take my kids to visit a lighthouse. But it's on my to-do list. The last picture is really cool!


I love that last photo. It's very cool the way the light reflects + is refracted.

Dominique King

Jessie-They still have a bit of work to do, and parking is still just alongside the end of the road out to the lighthouse. But they've done an amazing amount of work in the past several years.

Kerry-I've seen an number of Atlantic lighthouses (both in the US and in Canada). Each region's lights seem to have their own vibe and design. The Coast Guard has been divesting itself of a lot of Great Lakes lighthouses in recent years, so there are at least a few like Betsie where a dedicated group of Friends have taken over, done a lot of restoration, and opened up the towers to the public.

Amy-Your kids should love lighthouses. There is usually a lot to explore around the grounds, and if you can go inside and climb the tower, that's a pretty unique experience.

Wandermom-I've had the opportunity to take a few close-up shots of old Fresnel lenses...usually when they've been retired and displayed in a case like this one is. They really are beautiful lenses. The modern acrylic lenses may be better in terms of lighting, but the old Fresnel lenses are so much more beautiful.


Nice restoration job! And it looks so warm and sunnnnny :-)

Dominique King

Wanderluster-It was a great day, although it's difficult to take a bad photo of Betsie no matter the weather :)

Debbie Dubrow

I love that lens - I'm pretty sure we need something like that in our home ;)

Mike@ Traverse City Hotels

Very nice photos. Looks like they have done a great job at the light houses restoration. Ive been to that light house before but never had the chance to go inside. If I make it to Frankfort again Ill have to check it out.

Dominique King

Debbie-Those Fresnel lenses -are- beautiful. I hate to see them replaced in the towers, but it is always fun to see them displayed so you can see them up close.

Mike-You should go inside. I was really impressed to see how much they've done in just the last couple of years!

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