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June 18, 2010


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beth aka confusedhomemaker

I love the gardens there, they are so beautiful. Cranbrook is a real gem that is just tucked away waiting for more people to explore it.

April (Alpha Echo)

I love the picture of the bridge. I miss taking photo walks. Maybe that's something I need to look into in my area. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dominique King

Beth-You're right about Cranbrook being a real gem. The entire campus is pretty nice for photo taking...and I've always loved the Institute of Science (especially since they redid the rock room!)

April-Be sure to check out the Worldwide Photowalk link in the story...July 24 is the date when there will be photowalks all over the world. There's a great chance there will be one in your area that day :)

Caitlin @ Roaming Tales

It looks like a great garden. I'll keep it in mind if I ever go back to Michigan.

Lora (Tripping with Kids)

These are fantastic photos, Dominique!

Kerry Dexter

I like the shot of the stairs - makes me think of all the people who've walked them. thanks.

Dominique King

Caitlin-Cranbrook Gardens are definitely worth a stop if you're ever out this way.

Lora-Thanks! The late-afternoon light made it easy to take decent photos that afternoon.

Kerry-I do like to photograph architectural lines and angles...which probably at least partially accounts for my fascination with bridges.


Beautiful shots Dominique and I especially loved your flowers!

Sarah V.

My favorite is the last photo of the cherubs. Just beautiful!

Dominique King

Soul3-The lighting was so nice that day that I had a difficult time picking just one flower photo to post here!

Sarah-The close-up shot of the cherubs looked so much nicer to me than the shot I took of the entire planter that detail came from. As you can see from the first shot, a lot of us got into just taking tiny pieces of larger things that day :lol:

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