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June 11, 2010


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I have a friend who photographs old barns and has said that they are increasingly more difficult to find. This one looks like it's in great shape. And glad to hear that there's a project created to appreciate them.


Very cool! I'd never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.


What a cool story!

Dominique King

Wanderluster-There are so many old barns in sad repair, or just falling down. We were just down in northern Ohio for a couple of days this week and saw lots of barns there that looked in nice enough shape to make good photo subjects.

Wandermom & Jen-I thought this was a cool project when I first heard of it in the early 2000s. Fun to learn how Hagan is carrying on the barn artist tradition.

Dominique King

By the way, we went looking for the Bicentennial barn in Ashtabula County this week...and the logo was no longer on the barn. Some of the barn owners apparently painted over the logo after their year-long contract was completed...while others left it up. This particular barn, and its logo, are in great shape!

Kerry Dexter

I like tis story too. about twenty miles from where I grew up, there were several old tobacco barns, being reclaimed by the woods these days.

Dominique King

Kerry-It's kind of sad to see some of the old barns reduced to nothing more than a pile of lumber. We've driven past this particular barn quite a few times, and I figured I should finally get around to stopping and taking a photo of it.


Very nice story. :)

Perhaps he'd be interested in old New England barns.

Dominique King

Gypsy-He probably would, considering his goal of painting a bar in each state. I think most of the ones he's painted so far have been in the Midwest (with the largest number of them being in Ohio.

Sarah V.

We lived in Ohio for three years, so the bicentennial logo and the Ohio State symbol on the other side look very familiar! Great idea for a post.

Dominique King

Sarah-Glad you liked it! We've driven by this particular barn quite a few times, and I finally thought to stop and snap the photo because I always thought it was a great story.

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