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May 13, 2010


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Diane Miley

I was just found some old stationary that I purchased many years ago at Gwen Frostic's store. I used to come there with my friend Marlene after we golfed at Crystal Mountain.
So Glad that someone will carry on her shop.
Everything was so beautiful. Hoep to come back and see it again some day.
Diane -Eastpointe

Dominique King

Diane-Thanks for stopping by!

I was heartbroken when I learned that Gwen's closed late last year...but I just couldn't believe that the folks in Benzie County would just let the business go by the wayside if there was any way they could save it. So, I kept a watch on the story.

I'm hoping to get back up there later this year or early next year. Hope you'll be able to go back up there soon, too. Meanwhile, I understand that they are fulfilling mail orders again :)


I am extatic...my son just sent me the article about the reopening! (Record Eagle)

Dominique King

Bonnie-Thanks for stopping by!

It's great that Gwen's reopened, isn't it? I'm thinking of ordering some holiday cards from them this year...to make a point of supporting the business in hopes that they'll make a real success of it again!


I am so happy to hear this! I have some her stationary that was given to me as a gift years ago and we are in the area right now! I was planning to make a stop by there and am now happy to hear it is open!!!

Dominique King

Juliana-Have a great time visiting Gwen's. I've heard a couple of good reports from folks who've visited since the re-opening and can't wait to visit there myself.

Mo Moss

My husband and I visited the store last October. I was so excited to see all of her books, stationary,etc there and was able to purchase some of the stationary and gifts. Many, many years ago, I used to purchase Gwen's books and my children and I would walk and find some of the weeds and fowl that she sketched in her books. What a treat. Hope to get back there again.

Dominique King

I've been to Gwen's a few times since they reopened the store. I'm still so happy they managed to keep the store open, and I make a point of visiting every time I go north :)

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