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April 09, 2010


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Oh boy. I can only imagine what he's pondering right now :-)


I like a pensive man. There's one in front of the Legion of Honor Art Museum in San Francisco too. But the museum is on top of a hill, not near anything else.


Love love love Rodin's work. I regret not visiting this place. The thinker always looks a little depressed to me. But it's just as mystic as Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.


I've never been that much into sculpture, (it usally doesn't affect me the way paintings do) but that piece really is amazing. He really seems like a real person in the midst of thought.

Dominique King

Wanderluster-Hopefully he's thinking about some good things. The DIA is in Midtown--also home to the Detroit Historical Society Museum, the gorgeous main branch of the Detroit Public Library, Wayne State University (I'm a proud 2x grad from there), and right on Woodward (with its official All-American Road designation). :)

Carolina-The DIA is in the heart of Detroit's Midtown/cultural center, so it's a pretty busy location.

Cate-He does seem to have a sort of sad air about him, doesn't he? Hopefully his mood will improve with the weather :lol:

Gypsy-I know what you mean about paintings vs. sculpture, but this piece really is exceptional.


Great shots of an amazing statue. I like the enigmatic expression of the Thinker, I can really see Cate's comparison with Da vinci's Mona Lisa.


I'm trying to imagine a modern day version. Unfortunately what comes to mind is his gaze focused down on a Blackberry. We need more Thinkers around - to keep us on track!

Dominique King

Maria-You really can see his expression when you have the chance to take a closer look at him, can't you?

Lorraine-Yup, I think you're right about the Blackberry...or, probably right now...and iPad :lol:

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