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April 02, 2010


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Kickass Adventuring with Kids

Someone posted pictures of a cemetery a while back and it struck me how much cemeteries can reveal about the community they're in. An interesting, overlooked stop.


Cemetaries do have some beautifully made statues and elaborate as well. Thanks for sharing Annie Oakley's burial plot, I'll head over there after posting this.

Dominique King

Kick-It could have been me again with the cemeteries :lol: I posted some photos from Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland about a month or so ago...and then there's my ever-famous Micheal Jackson headstone post (about a tribute to MJ in a Motown cemetery).

Cate-We had no clue Annie Oakley came from Ohio until we saw the little roadside sign. We had to follow the sign, of course :)


Those statues are so lovely.

Regarding Annie Oakley, I always enjoyed the old Stanwyck film about her. Although I'm not sure how accurate it is.

Dominique King

Gypsy-I'd forgotten about these photos until I went looking for the Annie Oakley grave pix.
I haven't seen the old Stanwyck film, so I don't know how accurate it is or isn't...but the true story is pretty amazing as it is. Annie was quite the woman, overcoming a lot of obstacles, and ahead of her time in many ways.


Love this - such gorgeous photos!

Dominique King

Jessie-Thanks! I thought the statues made nice photo subjects.

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