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April 22, 2010


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I love shopping at open-air markets. And they're also a very nice sign of springtime.

Dominique King

Gypsy-We're lucky to be within a half-hour of Eastern Market in Detroit, and not more than an hour on a good day from Toledo Farmers' Market...plus we have a lot of smaller suburban markets for a quick trip for one or two things.
I'm thinking next weekend for a big market trip :)


WHOO!! you are CLOSE! my mom goes there occasionally, loads up her trunk, and brings us scads of goodies. we need to take lillie!


The Eastern Market is simply wonderful. Thanks for such a great article -it made me smile and brought back smells and sounds and memories. One not-to-miss place that I have to mention is the R. Hirt Jr. store that has an amazing selection of cheeses, cut from the rounds, and gourmet treats and meats, baskets and other things too numerous to mention.
Now I'm going to have to plan a field trip to get back to the Eastern Market!
Thanks for the memories.

Dominique King

Kayvee-Hirt's is great, too...kind of like a cool, old general store. It can be super-packed on regular market days, but you can always make a special trip down there on another day for more unhurried browsing. Writing this story really got me in the mood for an Eastern Market field trip, too :)

Jessie-It might be a half-hour drive for us, so it's fairly easy to pop on down to the market. We've got a few nice stores around here that stock a lot of Michigan-made products, but one nice thing about purchasing at Eastern Market is the fact that you are often talking with the company owner or someone else directly involved in producing what you're purchasing.

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