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« Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive at Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore | Main | Shooting Star from North Star, Ohio »

March 26, 2010


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Thank you for the ride-along on this pretty drive. I've got my hand hanging out of the virtual window letting it float in the wind.


Look at your fun yellow car! I did the same thing on the way home from Jacksonville once. When my husband saw the pictures, he promptly told me I shouldn't have done it! :-)

Dominique King

Word-I couldn't resist taking these shots. I've always loved this little drive...especially with the windows & sunroof open on a beautiful summer day.

Jen-I love my yellow car :lol: Still have it, too (I think I'm one of the last few Aztek holdouts--although it's yet to get 100,000 miles on it).
Tim is pretty used to me trying to shoot photos up through the sunroof (I almost always make him drive over bridges so I can take pictures), but I don't think he'd endorse driving and snapping at the same time.


Thanks for the photos and the info. I found your page while researching where the street name 'Wilco' came from. Your thoughts re the air force station seem reasonable. I had thought it was from the old lumber company WILce COmpany - but your explanation is just as good. Thanks.

Dominique King

It was my best guess anyway :)
There is also a Wilce Street in Empire, so I assumed that was named for whoever owned the lumber company....and had to come up with another possible explanation for the name Wilco.

John Griffith

As a former airman attached to Empire AFS for over two years, I can confirm that the name of the road did, in fact, come from radio R/T. Spending over two years near the tourist capitol of Michigan at Uncle Sam's expense was fantastic. We were as good a group of airman as you will ever find, and we knew when we had it good! Now shut down and used solely by the FAA, most of the buildings we knew have been torn down so it's just not the same spot anymore. It is also HQ for maintenance for the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore Park. What a great place to be a young man!

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by, John!

It's good to know that my guess about the name was correct. What a great place to spend a couple of years :)

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