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March 05, 2010


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Sarah V.

I've never been to a drive-in movie before! I feel like I'm really missing out. Maybe I need to find out if there are any drive-in theaters in Texas...


I've never been to a drive-in before, but there's one about an hour from us. I hope it's still open when the kids are old enough to stay up for an outdoor movie. Darkness comes late in the summer in these northern climes!

Dominique King

Sarah & Linda-Never been to a drive-in?!!?? Perish the thought! It was one of the try joys of childhood for me.
I thought these photos would make a good Photo Friday essay for folks who remember drive-ins fondly...and for those who have yet to experience one.

Amy @ pitstops for kids

Classic Americana! Loved looking at these photos!


what fun! i love it - with the piles of snow, dreaming of summer

Dominique King

Amy-Thanks! The Cherry Bowl really is a classic old drive-in, and I'm so glad it still manages to stick around. It's in an area popular with tourists, so hopefully it will be around for many more years.

Jessie-The exact same thing I was thinking when I was looking for a few good Photo Friday subjects :)


Unfortunately, there were never any drive-ins near me. They always seemed like a lot of fun.

Dominique King

Gypsy-I'm so glad I had a chance to enjoy the drive-in theaters as a kid. I'm glad that there are at least a few old-time drive-ins like the Cherry Bowl left around, too!


I haven't been to a drive-in since I was a kid, oh wait, now that I typed that I remember going with my boyfriend in college too..hee hee. We have a few in Bay Area.
This one looks really retro, that's nice that they kept it that way.


I hope more drive-ins are kept in operation like this one. I also have memories of going to the drive in as a kid. My parents would just put a blanket over us if we fell asleep before the movie ended. Cool post.

Dominique King

Carolina-The whole retro thing is what makes the Cherry Bowl really cool IMHO. I really liked old car out fronts...I wasn't so sure about the huge chicken, though :lol:

Lorraine-My parents did pretty much the same thing!


Greetings Dominique -

I remember going to the drive-in with a few others and two or three of us would get in the trunk of the car prior to paying and entering. At that time they charged by the "head" and we all got in for the price of one or two. The trick was getting the driver to open the trunk once we were in.

I know, we bad...


PS - Great post

Dominique King

Charlie-My biggest memory of the drive-in was going with my parents...and being at the Troy Drive-in the night the "Memorial Park riot" started! They made an announcement over the loudspeakers that if you lived in RO you had to go home...and go through check points to get there :o

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