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March 09, 2010


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Donna Hull

What a lovely trip. When I make it to Traverse City, this will definitely be on my to go list.

Dominique King

Donna-the drive up the peninsula is a lot of fun as well. There are wineries to stop at along the way, a cool general store closer to the tip of the peninsula, and a nice little tavern (Old Mission Tavern) for lunch that has an art gallery attached to it.

Sonja Richards

Hello Dominique,
Thank you for your lovely photos and comments regarding Mission Point! As the current manager of the Lighthouse, I am scouring the internet for information that may be incorrect (we have had some recent changes). The only thing on your site that I would request be changed is the price for the keeper prgram: people can now stay by the week for $150 (that price will go up slightly in 2013). If you could also include our web site/link, as well as my phone number, that would be great. Thank you! Sonja Richards, 231-645-0759. www.missionpointlighthouse.com Feb. 24, 2012

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by to update my info about the lighthouse. The drive up the peninsula has been a favorite for us for years, and I was thrilled when we could finally tour the lighthouse itself.

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