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February 05, 2010


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What a great idea to get a group together to take photos! I bet it's interesting to see what others in the same place at the same time saw from their perspective. Thanks for sharing -- love it!


d - love the shot of the hubcap with your smiling face!! and, great shots. thanks for sharing!

Dominique King

WordWire-This is the second time this group has done a photowalk, and both times were really nice experiences. One of the organizers put together the group pool, making it very easy to check out everyone's shots from the photowalks.

Jessie-Yeah, that was my effort at a self-portrait. I just happened to be walking by the display and noticed my reflection in the hubcap. I actually took quite a few shots to get what I wanted - a shot with decent composition, without the camera obscuring my face, and a fairly clear image of me. You'll notice I'm not actually looking through the viewfinder (it took several tries to figure out where to hold and aim the camera without looking through the viewfinder as I took the photo).
It was a fun day, and the group as a whole got a lot of fab shots!

Sarah V.

That must have been a fun day! I'd like to try a photowalk in San Antonio, but I'm worried I'll be the only person with a point-and-shoot camera. Maybe I just need to give it a try anyway!

Great pictures! The self-portrait is especially nifty.

Dominique King

Sarah-One of the organizers agonized about going to her first photowalk with a point-and-shoot. She finally decided to go and had a great time-got some good photos and some good advice as she prepared to buy a more complex camera.
Next thing you know, she's organizing photowalks! :lol:
Go, give it a try. We had a few people who showed up with point-and-shoot cameras, and it wasn't a problem at all.
You can often get great photos with one of those little cameras, and I still use mine from time to time to take photos for my blog when lugging a large camera around might be impractical.

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