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February 19, 2010


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Cindy La Ferle

These photos are absolutely fabulous ... they almost have a black and white vintage quality to them, too. I look forward to more of your photo Fridays!

Amy @ The Q Family

Beautiful detail shots. I especially love the spiral stairs picture. Very neat!


Oh cool. The first one looks spooky, and I love the colors on the door one.

Dominique King

Cindy-Thanks! This was such a cool building to photograph with its Victorian/Gothic feel.

Amy- I love taking photos of the details and patterns. I could have stayed at this place for hours taking photos. I only wish the interior lighting was better.

Carolina-The door color was a cool contrast to all of the dark brick. It was a pretty spooky building-I can only imagine it on a dark and stormy night! :)


Those photos are beautiful.

Dominique King

Susan-It was such a cool building to take photos in--lots of nifty architectural details! I only wish the lighting was better inside so I could get better photos of the mosaic dome, etc.


Everything is amazing. The architecture, the stained-glass windows. The circular staircase.

Love it!

Dominique King

Gypsy-You would absolutely love this building...and the whole Lake View Cemetery with its statuary and buildings with cool late 1800s architectural details.

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