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January 06, 2010


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That was very interesting, especially regarding the winning photo. I'm not sure how the other photographers can say whether it was tamed or not, if they weren't actually there. Wouldn't it be difficult to prove either way?

Dominique King

Gypsy-I'll be interested to see how the situation with the winning photo turns out.
I vaguely remember a small controversy last year over the winning photo as well--that time around the issue of whether captures achieved through the use of motion-tripped equipment were within the spirit of the show.

Becks Davis

Thanks Dominique, I'll check this out. Loved the photo of the penguin!

The wolf photo is amazing. The only thing I'll say, having recently lived in the UK, is that I wouldn't put trust in the Daily Mail (think tabloid).

It'll be interesting to see what happens.

Dominique King

Becks-Tim originally heard about the controversy on his photo boards. I felt I needed to mention it (it's the reporter in me, I guess). I saw just a few articles online mentioning it, and linked to the one I found that also included comments from the photographer so we could see something from both sides. It will be interesting to see if the complaints are simply the result of sour grapes, or if there is anything to them.

I thought the penguin was so cute :)

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