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« Stroll from historic downtown Manistee to Lake Michigan along city Riverwalk | Main | Restoring Warner Theater to former glory in Erie, Pennsylvania »

January 22, 2010


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Great pictures! I like the one where you caught the splash of the water at the lighthouse. When I saw that picture it made me think of that Nickel Creek song, Lighthouse!


I mean Lighthouse's Tale...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARIr6S_0lAQ


So I have to keep checking myself and remind myself that this is not the ocean. I'm such a Cali-girl. Love the sand and snow. And you're right, it's so hard to get shots with those gray winter skies, but you did a great job.


Lovely photos, as always.

It's great that they were able to rebuild the lighthouse so soon after the fire.

Dominique King

Jen-Pretty song! Wonder where the lighthouse in that video is located (my guess is somewhere out east).

Carolina-The fact that Michigan (northern Michigan at least) has four distinct seasons makes it fun to photograph lighthouses at different times of the year. I wish we could get Up North more often in winter :)

Gypsy-I was a little surprised how quickly they seemed to manage to rebuild the lighthouse (and the town) so quickly after the 1871 fire. I only wish the process of acquiring it now would go at least as quickly for the city and volunteer groups!


It seems to me that there was a big fire in northern Wisconsin that fateful day as well.

Thanks for the Manistee info.

Dominique King

Linda-Yup, I linked out to some info about the Wisconsin fire in my January 19 post about the Manistee lighthouse.

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