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January 08, 2010


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Sarah V.

Beautiful photos! It's so fun to see the beach during winter.

I bet it was cold out there, especially with the wind. Thanks for venturing into the cold to bring us these lovely pictures!

Helly (Travel by the Calendar)

It's funny, it doesn't look that cold in the pictures. Hurrying back to soup suggests it might have been. Thank you for sharing.


Really nice shots. I can only imagine how cold it is there in the winter. (looks cold to me, anyway.)


That first photo is easily a favorite! I love empty scenes like that where it suggests "come here, sit, think..." (well...maybe if it were warmer :)

Thank you!


Beautiful shots! I love the view from the swing.

Dominique King

Sarah-The wind -does- make it seem colder than it probably is when you head out to the beach :)
I do like the crisp looking photos you often get in weather like this, though.

Helly-The wind whipping in from off of the big lake can make it pretty nippy! Great day for hot soup.

Lora-We don't get quite as cold and snowy here in metro Detroit as they get in northern Michigan and/or out on one of the big lakes. I'd rather have a little snow, ice and cold than the six months of "November" I'm often treated to at home!

Bonnie-I'm always intrigued when I find a "frame" within a photo. I'm always looking for a window, doorway, or other "frame" when I shoot photos.

Sharlene-Thanks! I'd love that view from a swing in my own backyard, wouldn't you?

Cindy La Ferle

These are beautiful. Those of us who live in this gorgeous state might complain about our weather sometimes, but I do think we also appreciate the beauty of our seasons -- winter too! Thanks for the view.

Dominique King

Cindy-I don't complain about the snow...I'm usually complaining about the lack of it around here :lol: I love the change of seasons, and I really enjoy it when I have a chance to spend a little time Up North in the winter.

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