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December 04, 2009


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Wow! My kids would be in heaven here! We are having to slow down as we drive by any house with lights!

Amy @ The Q Family

How neat!!! Wish my town will do something like this. It must be magical to walk around the main street and check out those stores with such a display.


Pretty!! Kids must love the place. Looks like it takes forever to get those lights hung, but thats Christmas I guess.

Dominique King

Jen-Kids and adults alike seemed to love these lights. My photos don't come near doing the entire display justice!
We were there during the city's Lagniappe event--lots of specials in the stores, Santa was on hand to see the kids, they had some live reindeer in town that night--but the main attraction was still the lights!

Amy-Driving through town is special enough, but walking Main Street to see the lights up close really -is- magical.
I shot hand-held that night (cranking the ISO up to 400 and using the lens on my big Canon that has the image stabilization feature). We want to go back at a less busy time and try some shots using our tripods.

Cate-It takes workers about two months to complete the entire display. The husband of the city's Downtown Development Authority commented on my story over at Urbane (link above), telling a little more about the start of the project and the hard work that goes into keeping all of those lights lit each season :)

Helly (Travel by the Calendar)

They look amazing and you've done very well with a handheld camera - they must be super bright. Love the Northern hemisphere Christmas lights, just not quite the same down under.


Those lights are awesome! I love Christmas lights. They just make everything seem so special.


Kids Schmids. I would love to see this myself! Though I'd hate to see the electric bill for all those lights!


Wow! No holding back here..
I absolutely love the last shot - it looks as though you've papped Father Christmas!

Heather on her travels

I love the Christmas lights, it makes everything so festive and these just about cover everything in sight!

Dominique King

Helly-My photos don't come any where near showing how spectacular this light display really is! Eight solid blocks of lights on both sides of the Main Street does make for a bright night!

Sharlene-Awesome is the word for it. Great display, and I'm hoping to go back several more times this season.

Wanderluster-The LED lights should draw at least a little less electricity. Rochester seems to think it's worth the investment in the end.

Abi-I happened to turn around at just the right time to catch Santa walking into the store :)

Heather-There isn't much empty space f'sure. The light strings are strung 4 or 6 inches apart (depends on what source you consult). I can't wait to go back and try filming the dancing snowflakes with my Flip camcorder, though.

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