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December 10, 2009


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Donna Hull

Thanks for revealing your Detroit travel secrets. I'm coming for the Motown.

Dominique King

Donna-We'll give you a warm welcome...oh, and stick around for even more music. Bob Seger, White Stripes, Alice Cooper, Eminem, Iggy Pop, Aretha Franklin...lots more in Detroit beyond Motown. Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony has roots in Michigan. I'll probably think of more after I leave this reply :)


I hope to someday visit Detroit and other parts of Michigan -- If I do, Motown is for sure on my list. Thanks for sharing some other secrets from there. Have a great day.


We're happy to learn that the Arab American National Museum is one of your favorite Detroit-area destinations! If you like Concert of Colors, be sure to check out Global Thursdays at the museum.

Arab American National Museum

Dominique King

WordWire-Lots of great stuff to do and see here in Michigan...poke around the blog, and you'll find plenty of stories about many different corners of the state :)

Devon-Thanks for stopping by! We've gone to the Concert of Colors for a number of years (as "groupies" for the past several years), and I've done several blog posts about it--ask Kim or Barbara. We've been enjoying the videos posted by Don Was at My Damn Channel.
We've yet to go the Global Thursdays (one of us is has classes at WSU at the exact wrong time this semster...hopefully, we'll get down there for it one of these days. Sorry to miss the southwest program this month...looks like it will be a good one!).

Katie, Tripbase

Fab tips, thanks for sharing!

Dominique King

Katie-Thanks for starting the meme...it was a fun post to do.

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