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December 03, 2009


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Cindy La Ferle

Wow -- perfect post for the season! You brought back some memories too... I haven't been to Bronner's in quite a while, but it's definitely worth another trip soon!

Lori Libka


Thanks for your post and photos from Bronner's. I hope you enjoy your tree topper for many years to come!

Merry Christmas,
Lori Libka
communications assistant

Sarah V.

Wow! Over 7 acres? That's just incredible. Great pictures!


The best time to go to Bronner's is in the offseason during the week. I've been numerous times in November and it is crazy busy! It was much more fun on a weekday in March. My son and I could stroll through at our leisure without wading through the crowds.

If you have never been and you're a Michigan resident - you have to go at least once. The sheer size of the store is worth the trip. Plus there are those tasty chicken dinners in town :)


Five football fields worth of Christmas decorations? I bet there's not that much decor at the North Pole! Thanks for sharing.


Haven't visited in awhile -- like the new look!

I love Bronner's -- it's been really interesting taking visitors there. No one "likes" Bronner's -- they either LOVE it or HATE it as it's overwhelming. I've always found that it's a great place to buy special, keep-sake type ornaments for the family. It's a little over the top on pushing the Christianity -- but hey, it is a Christmas store! I think it's definitely a highlight in our state.

Laura Martone

Hi, Dominique. I would've emailed you instead of posting a comment, but I can't find an email address. Perhaps I'm missing it.

Anyway, I commented earlier on your site, but I'm assuming the comment was removed because I mentioned my travel blog. Forgive the faux pas - I was genuinely tickled to find that you were talking about Bronner's and Frankenmuth - both of which I covered in my MOON MICHIGAN guidebook and both of which I plan to highlight tomorrow on my own blog. I just happened to visit your site for the first time today - after discovering you through The Word Wire blog - and I couldn't believe that, of all the things you could've highlighted, you were talking about Bronner's. It seemed serendipitous.

P.S. Your photos are wonderful - they really make the stupendous place come to life. Cheers!

Dominique King

Cindy-I was trying to come up with some seasonal posts and remembered I had these photos! I'm thinking I should get back up there again one of these days myself.

Lori-Thanks for stopping by! I've got so many good memories of visiting Bronner's over the years, and a good number of the ornaments I put on my tree (and other holiday decorations I use) came from Bronner's. The tree topper was particularly memorable for me because it was one of the first decorations I bought specifically for my new home after I first moved into it years ago.

Sarah-It's big all right. You have to see the place to believe it...and allow plenty of time to see it all!

Andrew-I'm with you...my favorite time to visit is during the spring or summer. Nothing like Christmas in July...and you can enjoy that at Bronner's :)

Dominique King

WordWire-That's probably why Santa spends so much time hanging around Bronner's :lol:

Brandon-The "new" look came about when I switched to Flickr as my major photo sharing service (the sizes were a little different, so I had to go with a different design if I wanted to maintain a decent photo size).
Yup, Bronner's is definitely a Michigan must-see!

Laura-you can find an email for me on my "About" page. I never saw your previous comment...is it possible you forgot to type in the catchpa the first time around? (I had to keep the catchpa here because too much sp*m got through without it). The link to your blog is right in your sig now :)
I'll look forward to seeing your take on Bronner's. I thought it was time to get into the holiday spirit, and Bronner's seemed like a good topic for that!

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