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November 27, 2009


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Surely it's traditional to wait until December? Or is that only in countries that don't celebrate Thanksgiving?

Dominique King

Caitlin-I've been seeing Christmas decorations in the stores for weeks already, and they've been playing holiday music in the stores for at least a week or so already.
The long Thanksgiving weekend is when a lot of folks here decorate. They've got a little extra time off of work that weekend, and it can get pretty brutal if you're putting up decorations outside and wait until you have a chance to do so in December.
I suspect we'll put up a few things over the next couple of weeks...we're planning to put up the tree around the second weekend of December ourselves :)


First, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too.

Regarding the Christmas decorations- I've always found them quite beautiful, but they're losing their specialness as people start putting them up earlier and earlier.

Dominique King

Gypsy-I'm with you on the Christmas decorations.
I do always look forward to traveling on Thanksgiving weekend, though, as we usually see holiday decor up by that time. I don't look forward to walking into my local coffee shop and hearing Christmas music in early November, or seeing Santas sharing shelf space with Halloween pumpkins in late October!
This year, we're at home on this weekend for the first time in a long time...so I decided to enjoy some of my decorations from years past today.


Collecting ornaments on your travels is a great idea -- bet your tree has some real gems! Happy holidays to you.

Becks Davis

Wowza! That's a bunch of Santa Bears! Mine were stolen! My mom sent them to me my first year in college. I think I see one of them in your collection, they were the pilot ones with the cardboard plane. Remember them?

When the box arrived in Milwaukee everything was intact, except the Santa Bears. It's still a mystery. By the by, do you have the receipt for your airplane-flying Santa Bears? Yeah, I might need to see that. ;-)

Dominique King

WordWire-I love decorating my tree because putting up the ornaments always brings back such nice memories of different trips!

Becks-And you're not even seeing all of them in that photo :lol:
Uh oh...the airplane pilot bear actually came from a friend who knew the few that I was missing and found it in a thrift store

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