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November 06, 2009


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Love the details in these photos - thanks for sharing.

Marina K Villatoro

Now that beautiful ble car would be´pergect for me, i love it. I'm definetely goin to visit that place sometime.


Wow, sharp and crisp images, wouldn't mind being in one of those cars. I like the creative shot, for a moment i thought it was a motion shot which got me thinking why a car in a museum was driving around.


we need to go there - we drive by every time we head to my MIL's! great, great photos!!


Great shots! I wonder what it would be like to drive one of those cars:)


I've never been a "car person", but I love the elegant look of the cars of that era.


Hey - I applaud the creative shot! That alone could be a 'guess what this is' Photo Friday post!

Sarah V.

I love the last photo, with all of those jagged silver shapes!


Wandermom-There were so many great details on these cars, and I thought they were beautiful in themselves.

Marina-You should visit! It's a great museum, and we talked quite a while to one of the docents there who told us a lot of stories about each individual car.

Cate-I sometimes like to fool around with the camera and see what happens. That shot actually came out fairly close to how I envisioned it when I did it.

Jessie-I'm sure you'd love the museum...definitely stop next time you go see the MIL :)

Maria-I'm thinking you'd feel like a million bucks driving one of these cars (and it would cost you a pretty penny to buy one :lol:)

Gypsy-I'd think people who aren't particularly fond of cars would still love the design of these cars and the Art-Deco building.

Lorraine-Now...why didn't I think of that!?

Sarah-I thought it looked kind of cool the way the blurred spokes almost looked like big sparks.

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