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November 13, 2009


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Beautiful!My most favorite sunset I have ever experienced was in the Tetons. It is such a magical place.

Marina K Villatoro

Aaww! You just hit me in my weak spot. I absolutely love sunsets.


Glad you decided to share this shot, the lighting makes it look like a drawing.


Sharlene-We loved the Tetons--great place to photograph! Wish it was closer so we could visit more often.

Marina-This one was a little unusual in that it lacked all the color, but I thought the way the light reflected off of the mountains was cool.

Carolina-It does look sort of like a drawing, now that you mention it. We took lots of great photos during that trip, although I've yet to do much with them.


Absolutely lovely.


Gypsy-thanks for stopping by!
This is the photo that made me stop as I was running through the whole batch in Lightroom...so I thought it was the one I should share :)

Heather on her travels

Looks like ET has landed just behind those mountains


I love sunsets and this one is unique. I like the effect of the light shining from the back of the mountains with such precision. Absolutely beautiful!


Heather-I thought the shot looked a little otherworldly myself :)

Maria-I think I got lucky with this shot, but I really do like monochromatic effect with all of the different shades of blue.


Wow, would you look at that. Never been there, definitely need to go now you put it that way!


Lorraine-I think Grand Teton was our favorite park out that way when we visited.

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