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October 08, 2009


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Fly Girl

This brings back such memories! I never had time to go to the Billy Goat when I worked at the Sun Times but I went there all the time when I worked in the Wrigly Building. Of course, that was way before I stopped eating red meat! And no the other locations are no where near the quirkiness of the original. There's only one real, Billy Goat Tavern.


Rosalind-The Billy Goat was a great "joint"! I'm thinking it's a little like Tony Packos in Toledo--in that there is only one original Packos (fried pickles, yum!), and the other locations have no where near the quirky charm of the original "Hungarian hot dog joint" Max Klinger in M*A*S*H (and actor Jamie Farr in real life) loved so well.
I'm glad we spent those extra few days wandering about Chicago after TBEX, because we had a chance to see something other than just the inside of the convention hotel! I like to mix things up, so I've still got some more Chicago stories I plan to post yet :)


I used to go there late at night when I was in law school in Chicago. That's my one good memory of law school!


Glennia-The Billy Goat seemed like such a great local "dive"...although it was a quiet mid-afternoon when we visited. I love those types of places!

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