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September 29, 2009


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Shelly (Travels with Baby)

This place looks great! I'm really enjoying your blog as a window on so many places I've yet to go. Can just imagine what fun my kids would have with the pumpkin roll!

Debi - The California Tourist Guide

I followed your comment from James' blog post, and just had to tell you about the BIG smile this post brought me. We lived in Shaker Heights, OH before moving to CA about ten years ago, and I've had many a fine time in Chagrin Falls.

There used to be a restaurant there -- it was Leonetti's at the time -- with a picture window that looked out at the falls, and we celebrated several special occasions there. A bit of googling tells me the space was most recently a Blake's restaurant, but it looks like that may be no more. (There was an article about parking issues and then another one about 100 patrons reporting food poisoning, and now the Google Local result for Blake's in Chagrin Falls is a dead end.)

Whoops, caught me rambling! ;-) I just wanted to thank you for the smile and compliment you on your website. I don't travel much in your neck of the woods anymore, but I'll pass the link along to some folks I still have contact with in the Midwest. Nice to make your acquaintance!

Steve Davis

I love waterfalls. Something about the sound and mist given off by them. A freshness when you are around them.

Thanks for sharing.


Shelly-Chagrin Falls is a nice little town. We've visited several times when we've been in the Cleveland area. I'd love to see the pumpkin roll, too!

Debi-Thanks for stopping by! I think the restaurant you're talking about is now called Jekyll's Kitchen. We were at the falls during the day and thought we'd come back for dinner that night...we couldn't get near the place at night, it was so crowded! We're hoping to try it for a meal another trip down there, though.
I'm glad you liked my site. We have a lot of great places here in the Midwest, and I don't always think the region gets as much attention as it should. Hence...Midwest Guest :)

Steve-I'm with you on the waterfalls. Chagrin Falls are particularly nice because they're in such a nice little town and within a day's drive of home for me. The vast majority of Michigan's falls are in the Upper Peninsula, which entails more than a day trip or overnight to visit.


does anyone know the date set for the annual Pumpkin Roll?


Halle-I haven't heard a date for the Pumpkin Roll. It looks like it would be fun to watch in person--I found a couple of short YouTube clips of it. They're usually pretty coy about the date, aren't they?

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