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September 25, 2009


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Sarah V.

What a small world! We just moved from Ohio, and not long ago we walked across the "Purple People Bridge" from Cincinnati to Newport, KY.


I grew up in that area, so I've been on that bridge many times, but I had no idea that it was the model for the Brooklyn Bridge. Great photos and information about one of my favorite parts of the world!

Fly Girl

Who would have thought that a Midwestern bridge influenced the iconic Brooklyn Bridge! Those are some great shots.


I would love to take a walk down that path and see those murals. There is just something about photographing bridges!


Sarah-I loved the bridges along the Ohio in Cinci and the ability to walk over the river from state to state on several of them. I love taking bridge photos, and being able to walk over them gives me plenty of time and different vantage points for taking photos.

Glennia-The look of the bridge and the date aroused my initial interest...especially because I'm a real bridge fan.

Fly Girl-The back story on this particular bridge turned out to be pretty fascinating.

Jen-The murals were pretty cool, and you can see a bit of the detail on them by clicking on a link to the arts organization in yesterday's story.


My mother-in-law lives in Covington so I've had the chance to visit this really interesting area. I love the restaurants along the waterfront and just being able to meander around the area.


I love bridges' architecture and the fact that they link two places...in this case two states! These are great pics.


Wanderluster-We walked over the bridge and ate breakfast at the Greenup Cafe in Covington. Great little French-style cafe! Same chef as the JeanRo bistro we ate at in Cinci. http://www.midwestguest.com/2008/08/cincinnati-cuisine.html

Maria-It is kind of cool to walk from state to state.

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