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September 17, 2009


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Steve Davis

Here in Calgary at Heritage Park we have a wonderful little car museum. They have a Cord from the 1920's that I droll over whenever I visit. They were cars ahead of their time.


Steve-The Cords really were fabulous, weren't they?
I love the ACD Museum and managed to write a few stories about it this week :)


Striking photograph of the headlight on the red car. Cool art deco details on the building as well. We saw some art deco in Napier/NZ - it's fascinating!


Lorraine-This is one of the more beautiful and accessible examples of Art Deco I've seen. We do have a couple of nice Art Deco-style office buildings in Detroit, too--but it isn't nearly so easy to wander around them.

Fly Girl

I'm not a car buff but I love art deco. That building and the art deco details are stunning. I even like those stylish cars!


Fly Girl-The building -is- amazing. There are so many cool details all over--wall sconces, grill work and stair railings, painted trim... The cars are the stuff of fantasy, too. Imagining myself tooling along in one of those with a handsome movie star riding along with :)

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