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August 28, 2009


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Wow! The water is so clear, the reflections perfect. Looks like a beautiful place.


The water is so calm, it makes it look like a mirror. Great photos.

Peter West Carey

I love the calmness of the water and the reflections of the sky! Thanks for sharing.


Linda-This is a great little lake...and because of its small size, you don't see a lot of other boats or motors out there. We had it all to ourselves the late summer day these photos were taken.

Carolina-The calm water made Lake Manganese great for flatwater canoeing. Great fun to lazily paddle around the lake and enjoy the quiet.

Peter-It's been pretty serene when we've visited. I feel fortunate if my photos show at least a tiny bit of the calm we felt there that day :)

Becks Davis

Gorgeous pictures. I wish I could transport myself there right now. Although, I bet the water was cold!


How peaceful. It looks absolutely deserted!


Didn't we see a loon out there that day? Copper Harbor is such a great place to base exploring the Keweenaw.


These photographs really capture the perfection of the reflection. OK, that rhymes - but it's true! I'd like to stand there and drop in one huge stone and observe the ripples.


Becks-The water was no where near as cold as Lake Superior! The water was fairly shallow and it was late in the summer, so it really was pretty good for wading or swimming.

Wanerluster-The lack of people at the lake made it pretty appealing for us.

Tim-Yup, I think that was the day we saw a loon at Lake Manganese. They're pretty shy, so they liked the deserted lake, too!

Lorraine-It surprised me to see how quiet the lake really was when I looked at my photos and saw the mirror-like surface and reflection.

Account Deleted

gorgeous photos! I especially like the last one, so zen.


Madeline-Thanks for stopping by! Lake Manganese really is beautiful and serene. Wish I was there now :)

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