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« Wet and wild Seadog adventure on Chicago’s lakefront | Main | Meal with a view at Riva restaurant on Chicago’s Navy Pier »

August 14, 2009


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Amy @ The Q Family

Great pictures. You got such a great weather on that day. Gorgeous sky!


Wish I went there, I was toying with the idea but never made it. I'm glad you did this post and love the piccies including the hubby and seagull. Looks like you had a good time.


Since I barely got outside when I was in Chicago, I'm definitely enjoying your photos!

I'm sure my kids would be all about an "extreme" speedboat ride!


Amy-It was a hot day, but pretty decent for being out on the water. I did love the clear sky we got for photos.

Cate-We had a great time out on Navy Pier. I love water and boats...so we got to do some of my favorite things...spot a lighthouse, eat on the water, take a boat ride, hang around on the lake!

Mara-I'm so glad I could spend some extra time in Chicago...and that Tim was able to come out and join me for a few days.
The Extreme Speedboat ride was great fun...the kids on the trip seemed to love it!


I love the colors of the flowers in that top photo.

Corinne @ Have Baby Will Travel

Looks like a beautiful day!

Bridget Smith

That looks like a fun adventure. I'm always up for an extreme boat ride ;).


Wanderluster-I'm always looking for natural "frames" when I'm out shooting photos, and I likes the colors and angles I found in that first shot.

Corinne-Yup, great day...hot and humid, but great fun anyway :)

Bridget-I was all about that Extreme Speedboat Ride, f'sure!


too fun, d! i love the photos - so sunny. chicago in summer (if it isn't too hot) is such a wonderful palce.

Becks Davis

I love the picture of the Skyline with the Seadog boat in the foreground. I know I've said it before, but seeing your pictures really makes me miss my old home and what I took for granted while living there.


Jessie-It was pretty hot and humid while we were there, which made being out on the water especially nice.

Becks-Thanks--I thought the Seadog shot was a fun angle.
I've got more Chicago posts where these came from...I'll space them out through the fall.


I love Chicago. Born and raised in Minneapolis, I think Chicago has a lot to offer just like my hometown.


David-Thanks for stopping by! Your hometown is another place I'd like to visit one of these days!

We really enjoyed Chicago when we were there this summer...and during earlier visits over a couple of Thanksgiving weekends. Chicago's architecture is especially intriguing to me.

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