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August 07, 2009


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Amy @ The Q Family

How neat to be at the beginning! For the younger generation, I think Disney movie 'Cars' did make route 66 more into the mainstream and captivate their sense of adventure as well. :) My kids are all for this road trip.

Bridget Smith

Very cool! Route 66 is experiencing a resurgence, so fun to catch a glimpse of its roots.

Cindy L

Wonderful trip. Our son moved to Chicago last year, and now lives in the historic Brewster Building. We've truly enjoyed exploring this great city and seeing it through a young person's eyes. Thanks for the new tips here!

marina villatoro

I did a portion of Route 66 years ago on my cross country trip. It was more off the beaten track but still kept it's old flavor.

we sang the song 'on route 66' all the way!

Heather on her travels

Nice place to dream about road trips still to be taken

Becks Davis

A Route 66 road trip is on my bucket list, it's something I've always wanted to do.

I lived in Chicago for 7 years and never noticed that sign, I didn't even know it was there! I also lived, for a time, in the Brewster Building that Cindy mentioned.


Amy-I need to keep an eye out for "Cars" on cable!

Bridget-Interest in Route 66 always seemed to remain fairly high, although it's nice to hear people are taking even more interest in it these days.

Cindy-I loved all of the old historic buildings in Chicago. Great place for an architecture fan, isn't it? One of our favorite things that we did this trip was the Chicago Architectural Foundation river cruise.

Marina-I've always wanted to do a cross-country trip. I've got that Route 66 song running through my head now!

Heather-Always dreaming of road trips still to be taken :)

Becks-I've always been fascinated with Route 66...like you, I'd love to do the entire trip.
Some guy on the street mentioned the sign to Tim when he was wandering around with his camera while I was at the conference. He didn't think it was much of a photo aesthetic wise, but he knew it was one of those goofy things I'd want to take a photo of because it would have a story to it (he and I think a little differently about our photos...I'm more worried about taking photos to advance a story, and don't always worry so much about the technical aspects of a shot...a sign in an of itself isn't as interesting to him to photograph).


When I read your line about 66 being bypassed for faster expressways I was reminded of the scene in Cars where she is showing McQueen the area that is no longer.


Jen-Oh yeah, it sounds like I need to see "Cars" :)

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