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July 23, 2009


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Brenda J Spurlin

There STILL is a wonderful B&B located near the Toledo Museum Art! It is a historic mansion owned by the Old West End Association and operates as a nonprofit. All the money earned by this wonderful
property goes into a fund for rehabilitation and maintenance. My husband and I were managers there for three years and loved every minute! We met people from all over the world! Our guests never knew if they would have breakfast with a famous artist or celebrity guest. Now there are new managers who doing a terrific job as well! All of
us in our neighborhood treasure Mansion View and work to keep it the gem it is! Check out the website: www.mansionviewtoledo.com

Thanks for the article about a place we all love! Many people scoff at the idea of living life in Toledo, but we LOVE it! There is more to do than we can fit into a lifetime of activities!



Brenda-Thanks for stopping by!
I've always wanted to stay at the Mansion View! It looks like a great place from what we've seen from the outside.
The place we stayed is no longer open, but it was a neat experience staying inside of one of those graceful old homes.
People chuckle at us when they find we've driven down to Toledo for something, but it really is a nice town with plenty of things to see and do. We were down there most recently for a talk at the Toledo Museum of Art by Egypt expert Dr. Bob Brier...nearly 600 people showed up...on a rainy Friday evening to hear about pyramids!
I do come on down to Toledo quite a bit, and I've written quite a few stories about the city. I suspect I'll be writing plenty more :)


As a resident of the Old West End it is wonderful to see positive press about our spectacular neighborhood! The local media often sheds a very different light on our neighborhood. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else in Toledo.


Deb-Thanks for stopping by!
We've enjoyed visiting your neighborhood numerous times over the years. I love architecture, and there are so many great houses in the Old West End. I'd love to visit the Libbey House is they ever get it open to the public.
I suspect living in Toledo is a bit like living in metro Detroit in that your hometown doesn't always get the respect it might deserve.

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